Daybreak on Raven Island
Daybreak on Raven Island
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Tori, Marvin, and Noah would rather be anywhere else than on the seventh grade class field trip to Raven Island prison. Tori would rather be on the soccer field, but her bad grades have benched her until further notice; Marvin would rather be at the first day of a film festival with his best friend, Kevin; and Noah isn't looking forward to having to make small talk with his classmates at this new school.
But when the three of them stumble upon a dead body in the woods, miss the last ferry back home, and then have to spend the night on Raven Island, they find that they need each other now more than ever. They must work together to uncover a killer, outrun a motley ghost-hunting crew, and expose the age-old secrets of the island all before daybreak.

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Marvin, Tori, and Noah don't want to be on their 7th-grade class trip to Raven Island Prison. Tori would rather be on the field with her teammates playing soccer, Marvin wants to be at a film festival, and Noah would rather just be at home than in that creepy prison. The three are paired to be buddies for the field trip and slowly start to build a friendship. However, when they sneak away from the rest of the group into the woods, they notice something very strange: ghosts. They know something very creepy is going on and rush back to find their school group.

Daybreak on Raven Island is about three seventh graders, Marvin, Tori, and Noah, who are going on a class trip to Raven Island. They all would rather be somewhere else doing their own activities. From afar, Raven Island seems like just an old, abandoned prison, but it turns out, there is something more sinister about it. The teacher puts the three of them together as a group, but when they sneak away from the rest of the group, problems start arising.

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