Book Reviews by Caitie4412

Daybreak on Raven Island is about three seventh graders, Marvin, Tori, and Noah, who are going on a class trip to Raven Island. They all would rather be somewhere else doing their own activities. From afar, Raven Island seems like just an old, abandoned prison, but it turns out, there is something more sinister about it. The teacher puts the three of them together as a group, but when they sneak away from the rest of the group, problems start arising.

Wanting to get away from their busy lives for a while, the Wincoffs decide to take a much needed hiatus over in the Pocono Mountains. It seemed like the perfect vacation spot; the mountains encompass rivers, valleys, and lakes, with trails and many recreational activities. However, their want for serenity is abolished right before their vacation even starts. Lance and Gillian Wincoff suddenly find themselves in a huge mess. Their tween daughter, Abigail Wincoff, goes missing when going birdwatching, and they find themselves overwhelmed with grief.

A half birthday isn't usually a big deal, but for 12-year-old Harper, her dream comes true: her parents finally let her start posting on social media. To Harper, this is the biggest gift she's ever received. 

Shifter (The Healer Chronicles 2) is a exhilarating story about twin boys Alex and Andy, who possess super powers in which they allow Alex to heal any disease known to science and Andy to shift diseases from one living thing to another. Once their powers are combined, they achieve the power of life and death.