Cranky Bear Wakes Up review by c2x
Cranky Bear Wakes Up: An Animal Kingdom Story Sketchbook
Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Adventure

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Age at time of review - 10
Reviewer's Location - Spring Hill, TN, United States
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In this book, we meet a cranky bear who is just waking up from his hibernation. He meets many forest animals. The animals are a fish, a bumblebee, a bird, and a snail. The bear is going to eat the animals, but they share details of their lives with him so the bear loses his appetite. The fish talks about eating worms, the bird talks about feeding her babies, the bumblebee talks about how hard he works without recognition. The bear realizes the importance of the work these animals do, so he leaves them alone to go find his food elsewhere.

The only animal that becomes friends with the cranky bear is the snail. The snail helps him realize the impact of kindness and becomes his companion as they escape from dangerous hunters! This story is very interesting for those who love nature and want to learn more about animals. It's also a very good story that deals with friendship and being kind to others.


I like the drawings and sketches in the book. The artist is very talented. I did, however, have difficulty sometimes following a conversation between characters, I wasn't always sure which character is supposed to be talking because the story lacks dialogue attributions such as "said the fish" or "said the bear." 

The story is very exciting as it starts out with meeting the animals, then moves on to the adventure of running away from hunters, and ends when all of the animals come together to help one another. Readers who like stories about animals and friendship will enjoy this book.

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There are some hunters in the story, but no animals are harmed.




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