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Cherry Money Baby
by John M. Cusick
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Chick Lit

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Cherry Money Baby

                Sometimes it’s not until something is dropped right in front of you until you know what you’re missing.  John M. Cusick’s new novel, Cherry Money Baby, attests to that.  Cherry Kerrigan, a wisecracking, loudmouth small town girl, loves her modest life in Aubrey—her great boyfriend, her job at the Burrito Barn, her morning runs.  She even is content in her simple trailer home at the edge of town, where she lives with her grease monkey father and crackpot brother.  She’s content with it, that is, until she saves the high-strung starlet Ardelia Deen from choking on a hand-wrapped Win-Chilada served from her own Burrito Barn.   Suddenly, Cherry is thrust into America’s spotlight.  Fan mail, Facebook friend requests, even a prime-time slot on national television.  Grateful, Ardelia pays Cherry a visit—and the glamorous, slightly ditzy movie star and the blunt and hard-hitting Cherry click right away.  Ardelia opens up a whole different world for Cherry—ritzy parties, name-brand clothing, influential friends.  Rather abruptly, Cherry’s simple life doesn’t seem so peaceful anymore.  Her formerly cozy town suddenly seems oppressive.  Her career rolling burritos becomes pointless.  Her acquaintances seem naïve and sheltered.  She becomes ashamed of her run-down trailer home.  So when Ardelia gives Cherry an offer she can’t refuse, Cherry has to say yes…..doesn’t she?

                “Everyone stood stock-still, staring at the choking woman like she was doing a performance art.  They can’t move, Cherry thought.  They can’t move.  I can move.”


Okay, before we start, I have a confession to make—I completely, wholly, utterly judged this book by its title.  I know, I know, I am without shame.  But seriously, when I saw that sassy title--Cherry Money Baby—I knew that I had to give it a shot. And it lived up to the title.  I loved Cherry--she’s foul-mouthed, harsh, unrelenting, and tell-you-like-it-is—and I loved her for that.  Being a small-town girl myself, I could really connect with her.  I understand how small towns can sometimes be—sheltered, biased, yet with a sense of community and strength.  Cusick’s writing was honest and in-your-face.  What really impressed me was his dialogue.  Some writers tend to “overwrite” dialogue—making it sound too formal and structured.  Cusick kept it to-the-point and broken up, so that I felt like this novel really was happening right in front of my eyes.  His vocabulary was colorful and vibrant.  The book was slightly dull at the beginning and at some parts in the middle, but only for a chapter or so.  I really recommend this book for anyone who is interested in a modern novel with a small town twist!

                “The wheel spun free of Cherry’s hands.  Weightless silence.  Then the passenger’s side smashed into the concrete divider.”

                I would recommend this book for ages sixteen and up, for profanity, sexual references, and the use of drugs and alcohol.

                So, will Cherry decide to stay in her simple life….or will she jump into the life of Ardelia Deen feet-first?  Read Cherry Money Baby to find your answer!

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Some expletives, use of drugs, and sexual references.




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