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Cheesie Mack Is Not Exactly Famous
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction

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Age at time of review - 8
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Cheesie Mack is Not Exactly Famous by Steve Cotler is a story about 2 friends, Cheesie Mack and his friend Georgie. They are fooling around at the construction site one day when they stumble upon an odd artifact. They tell Cheesie’s grandfather, who leads them to the Gloucester Museum, to find out that the artifact might date all the way back to colonial times! This gets them famous, but nothing ever goes correctly when Cheesie’s around, especially when Georgie loses the wedding ring for his dad’s wedding.  Will they be able find the ring in time?


Cheesie Mack is Not Exactly Famous is a great book that was fun to read. I liked many things about this book. The first is how the author made the characters funny and described the character’s feelings realistically. The second is how the author held the suspense of the story very well.
There are two things that I didn’t quite like about this book. One was how it became boring at many parts and the story got dull. Another was that there were too many conflicts going on at once, which made the main plot of the story weak.
In conclusion, this book is full of action, adventure, and entertainment. I would recommend this book for readers ages 8 and up. Happy reading
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