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A Bridge in the Forest (The FeyTerrah Series)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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A Bridge in the Forest's main character is Lily, an extraordinary girl who spends time with an old family friend, Mrs. Rose Beth. Mrs. Rose Beth encourages Lily to discover a magic gate while on her camping trip. Mrs. Rose Beth gives Lily clues, which lead her to a magical gate and into a world of fairies and elves called Fair Earth. While in Fair Earth, Lily is surprised to discover shocking truths about her heritage. After a week, she returns through the gate to her regular life. She comes back with a mission to discover what happened to the Princess, and she has numerous questions for her family after finding out something surprising.


A Bridge in the Forest is a well-written book that includes action, fantasy, and romance. The book is filled with suspense throughout, encouraging the reader to continue to the end. 

I would recommend this book to boys and girls between the grades of 6 and 8. Although the story plot may be interesting for students younger than this age, the vocabulary would be challenging for them. Students in middle school could relate to the character situations, such as an interest in the opposite gender. Students who enjoy fantasy would enjoy the elements of fairieselves, and other realms.


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