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Travels with Zozo: on the Salt Flat is another book in the series with Zozo. For this adventure, Zozo and her family travel to Bolivia to the largest salt flat in the world. When the group arrives to the cactus-covered island, Zozo sets out to explore the place herself. While she explores, she hears flamingos crying for help. After she helps her new friends, they teach her all about the history of the salt flat and how it came to be. Strap in for another adventure with Zozo to the salt flats of Bolivia!


This book in the series of Zozo's travels is the most informational so far. The author thoroughly explains the history of the salt flat and the science behind the geography of the island in Travels with Zozo: on the Salt Flat. Not only does this book take readers internationally to explore a new type of place, but it also is a valuable lesson in helping others and having fun while doing it!

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