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Travels with Zozo: in the Fjord is an exciting second book in the Zozo series! On a new adventure in Norway, Zozo is enjoying spending quality time with her family in Scandinavia, and she is noticing how incredible her sister, Jazz, is at inspiring others to be their best. As Zozo and her family head inside to take a nap, Zozo’s attention is caught by a sea eagle. Zozo soon becomes friends with the sea eagles, Mikkel and Hanna. Throughout the story, Zozo gets to see the world from new heights with her friends and appreciates her sister Jazz and her entire family even more than before!


The second book in Zozo’s travels is one riveting adventure! Travels with Zozo: in the Fjord takes place in Norway, which is interesting for readers to experience since it is outside of the United States. The author does a wonderful job of flying readers on an adventure with Zozo where they can learn more about Norway's geography, animals, and nature. This book is perfect for all readers because it incorporates adventures and family values like Zozo’s relationship with her sister Jazz.

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