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The Black Stone Prophecy
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Faith-based

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This story starts with a child named Tom, who was in a car accident and lost his leg. After the accident, he was secluded from the world. In an attempt to help Tom become himself again, his mother sends him to a summer camp, so he can be social again. Things go wrong and Tom tries to run from the camp, but in a twist, gets sent to a different world with his two friends and the camp dog. They realize that things are not as they seem at first and find out they might be part of a bigger picture. Stuck in this new world, the group of children and their dog must face tasks that none would ever have thought possible.


I honestly found this book very entertaining. It took place in a mystical new world and included many new concepts. It tore away from everyone's normal view on how some creatures are seen and created new beings that were super awesome. The only reason I rated it a star down is because it was a little too simple to read, but that is likely just because it was not on my reading level. The story was more interesting as it went on and it really had me wanting to read through the entire night. The hardships that the character must overcome really put things into perspective. I would really recommend reading this, and any more of this series that is to come.

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