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This book is exactly what it sounds like. It discusses 77 things you should to do before you finish college. This book has a lot of good suggestions for experiences like starting your own photo gallery or having a huge party. It is like a bucket list that you should try to complete before you get out of college. For example, it is common for college students to join or create a club in college. Many students are also in multiple clubs. On the other hand, an uncommon experience is to build/create your own furniture for your dorm. You are sure to find some creative ideas for your future! Get this book to find out more.


This is a REALLY good book. I am recommending it to everyone. This book has some content that is not explained effectively at first but as you read on it is made clear. I look forward to doing most of these things when I’m older. Unfortunately, there are a few things I could do now but not many due the fact that I'm not in college yet. A few things I could do are cleaning out my closet and starting a photo album but not many other things. I can’t wait to get a good sound system in my dorm and throw parties. You might have to save up for that and a few other things but most things in the book are free or cheap to do. 

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The author included some inappropriate topics for students below 9th or 10th grade. There were also some sexual references.


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