They Know When The Killer Will Strike
They Know When The Killer Will Strike

Seventeen-year-old Leo Cantrell knows when people will die. Eighteen-year-old Cassie Stewart is working on her first Hollywood film. Leo discovers that members of the cast and crew are targeted for murder, pitting him, Cassie, and their mutual friends against an unknown serial killer. Leo knows when, but not who or where. The only clue is a tattoo on the killer’s wrist, a tattoo no one on the film crew appears to have on display.

Cassie’s police officer dad and his detective girlfriend come aboard to thwart the murderer’s plans, but how do they stop someone whose identity remains hidden? With their death date rapidly approaching, Leo encourages the intended victims to turn the tables on their would-be killer, but when the plan goes horribly awry, all bets are off. 

They Know When The Killer Will Strike concludes the stories begun in I Know When You’re Going To Die and The Horror Film Killer.

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  • Psycho Thriller

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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After Leo and his three friends J.C., Laura, and Chet escaped death at the hands of a serial killer due to Leo being able to save them, the last thing they want to do is relive those moments of fear. But when Leo's mom Cassandra, a big producer in Hollywood, decides she wants to make a movie out of the story, Leo and his friends somehow get roped into being advisors for the film. Everyone has been regarding Leo as a hero because of how he fearlessly saved his friends from the killer, but nobody except the four of them knows how Leo knew where and when to save his friends.

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