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After Leo and his three friends J.C., Laura, and Chet escaped death at the hands of a serial killer due to Leo being able to save them, the last thing they want to do is relive those moments of fear. But when Leo's mom Cassandra, a big producer in Hollywood, decides she wants to make a movie out of the story, Leo and his friends somehow get roped into being advisors for the film. Everyone has been regarding Leo as a hero because of how he fearlessly saved his friends from the killer, but nobody except the four of them knows how Leo knew where and when to save his friends. The truth is that Leo has a very special power: he can look into anyone's eyes and see the way they will die. It is because of this that he was able to save his friends. While working on the film, Leo accidentally looks into the eyes of one of the actors in the film and sees that they are about to be murdered soon. Leo and his friends soon realize that there is about to be a mass murder of some of the cast and crew of the film.  But why are some of the cast and crew being targeted? Will Leo and his friends be able to put a stop to the murders with the help of Leo's power?


Overall, I really enjoyed this book. The author did a great job of maintaining a thrilling plot throughout the book, and I liked how even after the first killer was found, there were multiple other twists to the story before the end. Also, I felt as if I really got to know each of the characters throughout the story, from brave but shy Leo to outspoken Laura. This book is the third book in a series and connects the characters from the other two books, however I was able to understand and enjoy this book having only read one of the other books in the series. Yet, I would recommend reading both of the other books before this one. I felt there were a few things I did not understand in the plot due to not having read the first book, such as what exactly happened when Leo saved the others from the initial serial killer. Additionally, I don't think the ending of why the murders were happening would make sense unless you have read The Horror Film Killer (the second book in the series). One thing to note is that I would not recommend this book to readers who may be queasy about blood as the author is very descriptive about the prospective murders through Leo's vision. Overall though, I would highly recommend this book to readers looking for an exciting murder mystery full of thrills and twists!

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