Prize At The Bottom of the Box
Prize At The Bottom of the Box
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Join 8-year-old Leighton, full of glee, when her bubbly bath turns into cereal you see. 

In the tub, she swims and dives, imagine the adventure that comes alive. The bubbles in the bath, the cereal box so fun, in the "Prize at the Bottom of the Box."

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Leighton is an imaginative eight-year-old who makes forts and goes on pretend adventures. In this picture book, Leighton is taking a bubble bath and begins to think about the time she won a prize at the bottom of a cereal box. Leighton uses her imagination to pretend she swims in cereal to the bottom of the cereal box, which is the bottom of her bathtub. She is careful as she looks for her treasure because she imagines an evil octopus is following her and trying to trick her into losing her prize. Luckily, she is helped along the adventure by her toys, a doll, and a rubber ducky.
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Bathtime turns into an adventure as the bathtub turns into a cereal box! Like most cereal boxes, it has a treasure at the bottom. During her adventure to find the treasure, Leighton meets lots of new friends between cereal pieces and is having so much fun! Suddenly, an evil octopus tricks her! Can she and her new friends find the treasure and save the day?

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