Jaybie D.

Meet Jaybie D., (Miss Debbie in real life). She's a children's book author and illustrator capturing the hearts and imaginations of young readers everywhere. With a creative spirit that was nurtured from an early age, Jaybie D. has always had a passion for creating opportunities for the people in her life (all ages) to have new experiences and engage with the world around them.  

Born in El Centro, California, and raised in Tulare, Jaybie D. spent much of her childhood babysitting, organizing neighborhood plays, and selling baked pastries made with her easy-bake oven. In high school, she discovered a love for leadership and community involvement, which led her to become an active member of organizations like Students Against Drunk Driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Future Business Leaders of America.

Jaybie D. has a BBA from Colorado Technical University, a successful career in the business world and now lives in Austin, Texas. Though these days the passion that fills her soul is getting back to her roots by embracing the magic of childhood imagination through children’s literature. Drawing on her experiences as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout leader, as well as the inspiration she finds in her two children, five grandchildren, and a menagerie of pets, Jaybie D. crafts stories that are entertaining as they are educational. 

Whether she's whisking readers away on a magical adventure, or teaching them valuable lessons about empathy, kindness, and courage, Jaybie D. approaches her work with passion, creativity, and deep respect for her young audience. If you're looking for a children's book that will capture your child's heart and inspire their imagination, look no further than Jaybie D. Visit her website at www.JaybieD.com to learn more about her books and sign up to be a Jaybie D. VIP.


From the author:

"As a children's book author and illustrator, I strive to create stories that inspire wonder and curiosity in young readers. I craft tales to encourage children to explore the world around them by drawing on my experiences as a Scout leader, mom and nana."

"Through my illustrations, I aim to transport readers to magical places where anything is possible, and where imagination reigns supreme. Whether I'm bringing to life fantastical creatures or vividly depicting real-world scenes, my goal is to create illustrations that captivate and inspire."

"Ultimately, my hope is that my books will not only entertain and educate, but also encourage young readers to become lifelong learners, explorers, and adventurers."


Jaybie  D.