Gorgon (Book 2)
Gorgon: (Book 2) (Sam Green and the WhipEye Great Ones)
Gorgon (Book 2)
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Giant monsters. Dragons. Mysterious creatures. All gathering to fight for two worlds.Sam and Jake are the guardians, but can they stop the coming war? A powerful Lesser poisons Sam's dad and Jake's mom. To save their parents, Sam must bring WhipEye to Gorgon--the cruel and scheming leader of the Amazon Lessers. Gorgon demands that Sam and Jake bring him the Jewel of Origin, a weapon of great power. If he gets it, nothing will stop him. Sam and Jake must decide--will they save two worlds or save their parents? Their friendship will be tested to its limits. To stop Gorgon, Sam must be willing to risk the lives of her friends in a battle that some will not survive. Sometimes love means watching those you love die...

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Series

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  • 12 and up
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Gorgon is a book about Samantha and Jake and their life-and-death adventure. After their exploits in the first book, Whipeye, Sam and Jake are back to their ordinary routine. They are having a normal day when Charlie, the 1000 year old parrot, tells them to run. Right after they have been told, they see an enormous Komodo Dragon. The Komodo Dragon scratches their parents, who then go into comas. Both the parents and the kids get taken by the government. Luckily, Sam and Jake are able to escape to the Amazon Jungle with the help of the magic staff, Whipeye.

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The main characters are Gorgon, Jake, Samantha and Charlie.

The quest to save their parents and KiraKu begins when Charlie comes flying in the window telling them they're in danger. Not one minute later, a huge flying komodo dragon crashes through the wall and chases them outside. Once outside, the komodo scratches their parents--poisoning them. The U.S army then takes Jake, Samantha and their parents into custody because they think they're a threat to the U.S.A. Gorgon is trying to destroy KiraKu, Samantha and Jake must stop him.

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Gorgon is Book 2 in the WhipEye Chronicles. WhipEye--Book 1--2015 WINNER INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD, Children’s Fiction WhipEye--Book 1--2015 WINNER OUTSTANDING CHILDREN'S FICTION, IAN Book of the Year Award
4 years 7 months ago
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