Gloria Smiled
Gloria Smiled
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Gloria is ready to celebrate! Except her friends suddenly have more important things to do. Undeterred, Gloria decides to throw a last-minute party. But a warning about a sorpresa in the clearing threatens her plans! If Gloria is going to save this day, she will need all the optimism and determination she can muster!

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  • Picture book

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  • 5 - 8
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It is a special day, and Gloria is excited to celebrate with her friends. When she finds the covey huddling and whispering without her, Gloria feels left out. Have they forgotten what day it is? Gloria decides it’s up to her to save the day and plan a celebration for them, instead. As she ventures through the bosque in search of fun ideas for the party, she runs into a big problem: there’s a sorpresa on the loose! Putting her courage to the test, and for the happiness of her friends, Gloria faces this sorpresa!

Hazel Pacheco's book, Gloria Smiled, tells a story of disappointment, resilience, and friendship. Gloria is thrilled for her birthday but soon learns that her friends have other plans. Wondering if her friends had forgotten what day it was, Gloria decided that she would surprise them with a party instead. While planning her party, she faced obstacles and even heard a warning blare to stay away from the area. Will Gloria ever push through with her party? Will she still enjoy her special day? Find out more in Gloria Smiled!

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