A Feast for Pleasant Beasts
A Feast for Pleasant Beasts
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It’s not only bears that cherish a secret picnic…

Every July beasts gather in the forest for a feast and plenty of fun, but if you wish to attend then you need to have marvellous manners. Whether you’re a troll, a yeti, cyclops, or pungent monster - it really doesn’t matter so long as you’re reasonably pleasant. But - surprise surprise - things don’t always go according to plan.

From award-winning author and comedian JT Bird comes a delicious blend of Where the Wild Things Are and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. This is a joyous tale about friendship, kindness, and oodles of creamy desserts. Perfect for early readers - it will teach children about tolerance and good old fashioned values, whilst sparking a few giggles too.

(And it’s just the ticket for fans of peculiar creatures)

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

A Feast for Pleasant Beasts is a compilation of interwoven short chapters that completes the story as a whole. The setting of the different parts of the story takes place in places that we are familiar with- Edinburgh, Scotland, and Oxford Street- to name a few. The story begins with a boy named Cuthbert Wormhill preparing for a yearly, fabulous picnic. As the story progresses, it explores the different beasts who are invited to the celebration. From an Angler with a Bulbous Nose to Jolly Swans, the uniqueness of the characters makes the story come alive!

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A Feast for Pleasant Beasts is a children's picture book written by J.T. Bird and illustrated by Andy Catling along with the cover art by Andrew Davis.  This is a story of a little boy by the name of Cuthbert Wormhilll who lives in a cave with some of his friends like bats and other small animals.  Cuthbert decides to have a picnic and invite all the pleasant beasts out for a fun day of food and games.

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