Book Reviews by Oldies_But_Goldies

The Illustrated Boatman's Daughter is a historical fiction book telling the story of a 14 year-old Egyptian girl on her mission to save Egypt from devastation. She is accompanied by friends and allies against the schemings of the Europeans, who seek to dominate trade through the construction of the Suez Canal. Having grown up a boatsmen's daughter, she sails and adventures through the rivers of the Nile to save her country. 

This is a very sweet and simple children's book that teaches readers how to recognize and express feelings. It covers a range of basic emotions, even addressing a few a child might have yet to discover. Each emotion in this book is given an example with which children can easily relate.

The Unbranded Student is the ultimate guide to finding the right college, from beginning to end. In all honesty, they cover everything you need to know in order to make the best out of the efforts you put into higher education. This book is an unbiased informational guide about finding your strengths and weaknesses and using those to effectively find the right college that is tailored for you.

Jotty Alfarnso is a troubled teen in her senior year during 1987. She hates school and principals, but most of all, her stepfather. Despite all of that, her one true passion has always been creating art in her favorite place: Rattlesnake Mountain. With the new school year, a new principal arrives, and at first things don't go Jotty’s way. As if things could not be worse at school, her home life starts to go awry the more her stepfather drinks. At the same time, her friend falls into great need when she is stricken with a health problem.

As a summary, this book is all you need to know about resumés. Author Neil O’Donnell writes this informative piece that explains how to create the perfect resumé all the way down to proper font, color, and design in segmented organization. He also delves into how to advertise your expertise in LinkedIn, for example, and how LinkedIn can help you reach out for employee-searching managers.

Looking for an attention-grabbing story? Maybe some adventure as well? Look no further! In this story, Thomas is a young Chinese Yankee who works his way into the Union Army to battle in the Civil War. However, for a Chinese teenager, war is not the only conflict. Thomas must fight against the teases and prejudices of the other soldiers, while at the same time fighting against his own negative feelings and doubt. Will he be able to get freedom, not just for the slaves, but for himself?