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Twine is a poignant memoir centered around Dorriah Rogers as she shares the most honest and eye-opening moments in her life. She gives the readers her soul, inviting them into a world filled with dysfunction, abuse, and as puzzling as it may seem, love. Rogers unpacks her baggage and states, “It was the telling of this story that allowed me to remove that backpack of horrors from my shoulders. It was the writing of the words, the release of the shame, that was ultimately cathartic and healing.”

Twine: A Memoir sheds light on the connection between a family and how each person’s actions cause a ripple effect eventually leading to the realization that your past doesn’t have to consume you. Take the lessons you’ve learned and use those to not repeat the same mistakes going forward.



Acceptance and honesty are two of the themes within this memoir. Although it has taken time, Rogers has chosen to accept and forgive herself for what occurred in her life for the sake of her daughter and herself. She strips off the bandages, revealing some damaging and hurtful moments from her past. She is broken but has chosen to mend those pieces as best she can while letting others who may have been through something similar know that they’re not alone.

I had a couple issues with this memoir. Some chapters didn’t add to the overall meaning of the book and could have been omitted or combined with other sections, which would still have had the same effect. The second issue was it became a bit difficult to follow along and understand the unfolding of events, but that could be because Twine was not written in chronological order. If it had been, it would have made reading it a bit easier. Despite those two issues, Twine: A Memoir is an efficacious and heartfelt read.  

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