Truth in Patience: Book 3 in The Patience Trilogy ...
Truth in Patience: Book 3 in The Patience Trilogy
by Beth Fehlbaum
Age Range - Mature Young Adult
Genre - Fiction
Five Star Award

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Like most sixteen year old girls, all Ashley Asher wants is to live a normal life. However, that privilege was taken from her years ago when her stepfather sexually abused her. She now lives in Texas with her father, away from her abuser and neglectful mother. But what he did to her constantly haunts her and disturbs the life she is now trying to live. She does have some friends, a therapist, and even likes a boy, but her past continually gets in the way. Not only does she have to deal with this obstacle that is in her head, but she also has to face her biggest fear, her mother.


I liked this book because it felt real in a variety of different ways. Although I have never been through any of the experiences that Ashley had, I still felt a connection to her. While I didn’t agree with her actions at times, she had gone through so much that it was usually easy to understand why she did what she did. Even though I couldn’t relate directly with Ashely’s experiences, I could relate because I am a teenager, so I know many of the things that teenage girls have to go through.

I am not a fan of swearing, and this book had a lot in it. But I know that swearing is part of real life, so that gave it a more realistic feel.

I believe that people who have been in similar circumstances as Ashley will definitely have a connection to this book and will perhaps enjoy it even more than I did. Overall, this was a good read, and I recommend it for those looking to find some light at the end of the dark tunnel of their current life situation.

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This is not a book for very young children, as it deals with sexual abuse. Along with that there is also violence and a lot of swearing.




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