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The Tear’s Tale is a genuine and wholesome story about a young teardrop who struggles with feelings. The book begins with the tear waking up late for the day and feeling stressed and unwell. Throughout the school day, the tear struggles even more with feeling overwhelmed, being ignored and left out by a friend, and falling on the way home from school. At home, the tear explodes with anger and emotion at dinner, and the tear’s mom is there to console and help the tear process their feelings. She gives the tear some valuable advice to help cope with heavy feelings that can be valuable to young readers struggling with emotional balance.


The Tear’s Tale is a positive and accurate depiction of young children learning to cope with their feelings. Not only are the plot and setting applicable to young school children being with friends and family and dealing with various emotions, but the characters in the story offer hope and a sense of comfort for readers. The mom in the story is extremely caring and patient with the young tear, and this adds to the overall theme and lesson present in the story. The book paints a normalized perspective of coping with heavy feelings and rather than criticizing oneself, offers a much more positive method of self-love and soothing. The lessons in the story coincide with the clear and vibrant illustrations to accurately depict all the feelings felt by the young tear and offer readers a stimulating and emotional experience.

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