Regine's Book: a teen girl's last words ...
Regine's Book: A Teen Girl's Last Words (True Stories)
by Henriette Larsen, Regine Stokke
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Nonfiction
Five Star Award

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Regine is a regular teenage girl living a normal teenage life, when one day she goes home to a crying mother.  Earlier that day her mother had recieved a call from Regine's doctor, diagnosing Regine with leukemia.  Regine had started an online blog about what she was going through and giving people updates of how she was doing.  Her blog became an instant hit, making her realize later on that she could make a great book out of it.  Regine goes from being a regular teenager to a girl with a new appreciation of life, family, and the things around her. This life story will open your mind to what really is going on in this world. Her collection of photographs she has taken herself will truly touch you, and her bravery and will to live will inspire you.


I really enjoyed this book.  Her story really touched my heart.  There was never a time that i wanted to put the book down, a real page turner.  I felt like I was in the hospital with her, I could feel the anticipation for the test results, I could feel Regine's pain!  I can just imagine what all of the family is going through, what that family had to do now.  Although there was a slight bit of swearing, I felt that it was appropriate for what was happening.  This was one of the best biographies that I have ever read.  To tell you the truth, I have thought of most biographies as boring, but Regine's Story kept me guessing and hoping about what was going to happen next.  From parts that made me cry, to parts that made me laugh, this book was over all, GREAT!




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Regine's story is a book fit for middle school readers and up. There is nothing offensive or , however her story does end in her death.

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