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Naya Adams is starting anew. After her parents deaths years before, she leaves for a fresh start in one of the most respected theater schools in New England. With her follows her abusive, controlling boyfriend, Seth. While walking into her first class she feels this pull, pulling her towards Etash, her Twin Flame. Twin Flames, they later learn, are two parts of one soul, who look for each other for eternity. They are meant to be together but there is one problem, Seth, so they constantly try to avoid one another and the pull. As the pull grows stronger they are both cast as leads in a rendition of Romeo and Juliet, and their fates fit the part perfectly.


I read Pulled in about one day and very much enjoyed it. I found that the book was well written. It was detailed, but not to the point where it was boring. I felt like I was in the book listening to real people talk; the conversations never seemed forced or fake. All the characters were unique and complex in different ways, one person was not like the other. This book will not be the next big thing, but it's a great book to read for fun and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys a love story.

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Content rating - some mature content

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In Pulled the characters are in love so their is some more mature content but it's not graphic.

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