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Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fantasy

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Age at time of review - 13
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Lizzie isn't very happy about the move. How unfair is it that her father uprooted her from her entire life because he got a new job? Why did she have to move now in the middle of the 7th grade?

But, things may not be as bad as they seem. There's an abandoned house next door to her new one, and It intrigues Lizzie. Who used to live in it? Why Isn't it being lived in now?

Soon after moving in, Lizzie meets a boy named Johnny, a foster kid who lives at the other house next door. He's pretty nice. He's the same age as Lizzie and they go to school together.

Lizzie and Johnny go in the house, curious about the interior. They find a place filled with dust and paintings of a mysterious man all over the walls. It looks like it could've been nice once upon a time.

Just then as Lizzie and Johnny are exploring the house, a wind passes and the door slams behind them. A voice yells at them and beckons them to get out. 

Is it a ghost? A spirit? A prank?

No one knows why, or how, but the house has a history.

Oh, and that's not all. Did I mention the house can transport you anywhere through different portals?

Lizzie and Johnny have a blast! They continously travel to Paris and New York,making new friends along the way.

One is Armand, He's a nice kid who turns out to be a really good friend. And Armand's grandmother turns out to be a good ally as well. 

Armand's grandmother teaches the children magic, and they love it! Unfortunately they tell someone who they thought they could trust about their powers.

He has powers too, but he believes in using them for his own benefit.

Should they keep coming to the house? Should they find a way to use their power for good? Or should they use it for bad?

The suspense riles up in this book as Lizzie and Johnny travel through the portals together and learn a lot along the way!


I really liked this book. The author paid a lot of attention to detail by describing each scene and letting you feel the mood and the atmosphere of each of the scenes.

You can also feel the emotion of Johnny and Lizzie as they are torn by hving to decide what to do with their powers.

I think the author could have used more description of the house and it's past though. The story leaves you wondering what exactly the house was, and who lived in it. They gave you a slight description, but there could have been a little bit more.

I do really like this book and the plot. I would definitely consider buying another book from this author.

This book is great for anyone who is really into fantasy, mystery, and portals!

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Nothing offensive at all in this book. Great for kids 8-12 who like a good mystery.




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