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This story begins in New York at a Macy's department store. Mr. Edward Dalton is an employee at Macy's, and the store is very busy because it is Christmastime. He interacts with another coworker, Maria, and works diligently to satisfy customers' needs. While working, the two coworkers share details about their personal lives. Mr. Dalton shares that he used to meet up with a group of friends at a ski lodge, but due to a terrible accident, he has not done so in several years. Maria convinces him to take a chance and enjoy the season, and Edward travels to the ski lodge. Will Edward get out of his snowy slump? Read to find out!


This is a pleasant story. At times, it is a little cheesy, but it is still enjoyable. I expected there to be more romance building between Maria and Edward. Instead, the reader only has three essential scenes with the two characters: working at Macy's, Maria sending the text message, and Maria arriving at the ski lodge. Ultimately, these two characters are the most relatable in the book. The overall message is that people should not take their lives for granted and that everyone should live their life to the fullest. I feel that this also assists in the relatability of the characters.  I disliked the quick shifts in the story between Edward, the friends, and Maria. I would have appreciated a separation in the paragraphs with a gap or asterisks. Without this, I was left a little confused, and I had to go back and reread to understand that a shift had occurred. 

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