Moon of the Goddess review by huntaking
Moon of the Goddess
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Fantasy
Five Star Award

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Age at time of review - 32
Reviewer's Location - Annotto Bay, St. Mary, Jamaica
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Once problems started to happen in the antediluvian nation of Greece, just a sacrifice of a youthful woman to Poseidon, the god of the sea, would appease his wrath. The land vibrated with earthquakes while the streams went on its course in a parched way, producing a famine throughout the kingdom. The king’s daughter, Thalassai, was then abducted by someone who was a representative for the town that was experiencing the disaster so that she could be used as the sacrifice. Nevertheless, the supreme female deity who is known as Eurynome had different ideas, preventing the female youngster removal by safeguarding her. After the clashing of the gods, which one is going to be champion? Can the princess outlast the conflict of these supernatural forces that have such a fatal impact?


The book turned out to be an entertaining read. It had a minor foreseeable and sincere scenario with loveable characters. It would have been even better had there been an addition of the lesser individuals. There was not a convincing impression of heroics coming from Thalassai. Instead, she portrayed a lass who was feeble and powerless. The wandering friend of her brother got the entitlement of being a champion, who was a witchdoctor operating for the deity called Eurynome.
I selected this book because of my adoration of the deities of Greek mythology. Even though being knowledgeable about the culture of early Greece, it astounded me about the mention of Eurynome because I had not once previously learned of this Goddess. Since a lot of current books have very complicated narratives, the plainness and clarity of this tale were quite inspirational. I would consider reading this book on another occasion.
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