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Age Range - 5 - 8
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Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me is a picture book about Molly Morningstar, a little girl. The narrative begins when she receives an invitation to a tea party from one of her friends Emma. Emma requests that everyone bring their favorite doll to the tea party. Molly goes to her room to hunt for a doll that looks like her, but she can't locate one. Why can't she locate a doll that resembles her? Will she eventually be able to discover a doll that looks just like her?


In Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me, I liked how the author, Andrea Coke, talked about diversity and the value of inclusion in such a pleasant way. She attempted to educate the next generation that no matter what color you are, you should accept yourself. You don't have to be fair to appear lovely. This book highlights another difficulty in our society: often, there are only fair dolls available. I am an Indian with a dark skin tone, and thus I can connect to these issues. When I was a kid, there were no dusky, black, or other colored dolls; there were only white dolls. However, I never wanted a dark or dusky colored doll since our elders taught us that more white implies more attractive. As a result, we never learned to appreciate our skin tone.  Although we cannot alter the past, we can learn from it and create a better future. As a result, we must seek to educate and empower the next generation.

Molly is my favorite character in the novel. I admire her dedication, perseverance, creativity, imagination, and ability to solve problems. When she can't find a doll like herself in stores, her parents assure her that she will find one, but she doesn't wait and makes her own, which is incredibly cool.

The illustrations in this book are fantastic. The emotions of the characters were depicted well. The book is quite colorful. The artist performed an excellent job.

 This is a children's book, but I believe everyone should read it. It's a brief picture book that will be over in no time, but the child will undoubtedly learn and love it.


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