Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me
Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me
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When you were young, did your dolls look like you?

Molly Morningstar is a problem-solving, spunky little girl with a problem.

She needs a doll for an important party, and she can’t find one that looks like her!
Molly's parents are used to it, resigned even - but not Molly! 

What does she do after searching EVERYWHERE, only to find that doll after doll, they ALL look the same??

Determined to not settle, Molly finds the solution to this big problem herself!

Every child deserves to see themselves represented in books, toys and dolls.

Grab this fun story today and support diversity learning for kids!

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  • Inspirational
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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In the book Molly Morningstar A Doll for Me by Andrea Coke, Molly is invited to a friend's tea party.  Her friend asks each person to bring a doll, but Molly can’t find a doll that looks like her.  Molly goes to every store and looks on every shelf, but can’t seem to find a doll that resembles her.  This book puts a real life situation into a simple book that even young kids can understand.  This problem is very relatable for a lot of kids around the world.  Read the book to find out what Molly Morningstar does.

Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me is a picture book about Molly Morningstar, a little girl. The narrative begins when she receives an invitation to a tea party from one of her friends Emma. Emma requests that everyone bring their favorite doll to the tea party. Molly goes to her room to hunt for a doll that looks like her, but she can't locate one. Why can't she locate a doll that resembles her? Will she eventually be able to discover a doll that looks just like her?

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