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Age Range - 5 - 8
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Maddy and Grace at the Haunted House is a thirty-page picture book the leads the girls to investigate a house that the kids at school say is haunted. They decide to investigate, find the house, and meet Eric who takes care of many properties in the area. He says he keeps his tools in a shed next to the house but never goes into the big “haunted” house. Maddy and Grace felt creepy just looking at the house from far off, but they wanted pictures. The door of the house was opened, and they froze at the sight and sound of a scary skeleton and a ghost. Runny and screaming, they ran out of the house, but a friend saw something happening in the shed. They called the police and found out just how the house was haunted.


Maddy and Grace at the Haunted House is a funny, scary mystery about stories told at school of a Haunted House close to Maddy and Grace’s neighborhood. The first illustration in this picture book is creepy and really catches the reader’s attention of a ghost, skeleton, and a witch in black. The pictures are simple and directly correspond with the descriptions. The picture of the people running away with the realtor from the haunted house shows fearful emotion on their stressed faces. Maddy and Grace are also scared but seek help from friends to investigate the spooky house and then solve the crime. Great book with a happy ending that will keep kids glued to find out what happens in the end. The lesson that could be learned is not to judge people until you know more about them.

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