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The Lovely and the Lost (The Dispossessed)
by Page Morgan
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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The Lovely and the Lost

                It seems like forever ago since Ingrid Waverly has rescued her brother, Grayson, from the depths of the Underneath, saving him from a fate of violence and brutality as one its viscous hellhounds.  But the danger is far from over.  Axia, the ruler of Underneath and the fallen angel who gifted Ingrid and her brother with demon blood, is lying in wait to capture Ingrid and make her pay for her insubordination.  The mysterious Daicrypta, a group of intellectuals willing to go to any measures to gain the privilege to drain Ingrid’s special blood for testing, no matter the cost.  The Alliance, a group made to fight against the Underneath and its demons, and, at one time, Ingrid’s safe haven, is restless and plotting, almost trying to shut her out.  The only person Ingrid feels like she can depend on is her protector, her forbidden love, her guardian, the handsome Luc.  Who also happens to be a gargoyle. Trapped between Heaven and the Underneath for spilling a holy man’s blood, Luc is doomed to be ensure Ingrid and her family’s safety—but his connection to her runs deeper than that.  In a gothic-style Romeo and Juliet love story, will Ingrid and Luc be able to find a way to be together?  Or will the darkness that haunts them both soon conquer all?

                “The problem, Ingrid was coming to realize, was that there were no hard and fast rules when it came to evil.  It could change shape.  Be one thing one moment and something else the next.”


When I first started this series, I felt as if I had taken a chance—the plot a little unconventional, borderline atypical, the type of plot that could easily be dismissed as odd, angsty, gothic nonsense within the first few chapters if not written correctly.  However, I am happy to say I am glad I let myself take that chance.  This book was very solid, and, unlike some other sequels, a good follow-up from its predecessor, The Beautiful and the Cursed.  The characters’ developed well-- Gabby, who I (at first) judged as shallow and factious, developed into a strong, independent warrior with an iron will and a fiery heart.  Grayson, the tortured and guilt-ridden brother, also added a different complex to the plot. However, our Lady Ingrid seemed too wishy-washy and immature--she couldn’t make up her mind! It was almost as if she and Gabby switched roles.  Before reading this novel, I would definitely recommend reading The Beautiful and the Cursed (the first installment of the Dispossessed series), as it helps make this sequel more enjoyable and easier to understand.  The plot ended with a good cliffhanger that definitely set up the third book well to keep the reader interested and entertained.  With deception, drama, dysfunction, and Morgan’s unique, flowing prose that is rarely paralleled, I look forward to continuing to read and enjoy her works.

“If anyone knew what he’d done in London….they would realize he shouldn’t be hunting anything.  They would realize they should be hunting him.”

I would recommend this book for ages ten and up, for minor expletives, slightly morbid themes, violence, and mentions of intimacy.

Will Ingrid, Gabby, Grayson, Luc, and the Alliance all come out unscathed and get what they most desire in the end?  Read Page Morgan’s The Lovely and the Lost to find out!

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Minor expletives, morbid themes, violence, and mentions of intimacy.




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