Lost and Found review by Anissa
Lost and Found #2 (Arnold and Louise)
by Chris Chatterton, Erica S. Perl
Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Juvenile Fiction

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Age at time of review - 10
Reviewer's Location - SPARKS GLENCOE, MD, United States
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Lost and Found is a book about two friends, Arnold and Louise who live in the woods. Arnold is a brown bear who gets mad easily. Louise is a smaller animal like a bunny who is always cheerful. Arnold has a collection of treasures that he finds outside in nature. He separates his treasures by different colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. One day, Arnold finds a pair of glasses while walking in woods. He almost steps on them! They are smashed, but Arnold doesn't care because one of the lenses is whole and very shiny almost new. He is going to put it in his collection, however, Louise really wants the glasses. So Arnold gives them to her. Unfortunately, Louise loses the glasses in the mud. Arnold is very upset because Louise loses everything. Louise remembers letting the birds have the lens. So Arnold and Louise look in the trees for the lenses. Will they find the glasses or will they be lost forever?


In the book Lost and Found, I liked Arnold and Louise because they are best friends who try to cheer each other up. One of my favorite parts was when the birds took the lens of glasses to use as a mirror, I also liked when (BIG) Arnold goes in Louise’s little house that's in a tree. In the book Lost and Found, there were a few things I didn't like. The size of the words are too big and the font is too bold. In the book the illustrations could be more detailed. For example, in the pictures their ears are circles and their clothes are too plain. I recommend this book to 5-7 year olds because the plot and words are easy to follow.


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It is a book about animal friends in the woods working on a problem together.



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