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Lord and Lady Bunny--Almost Royalty!
by Sophie Blackall, Polly Horvath
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Fiction

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This book is about two familes who each want a little bit of adventure.  Mrs. Bunny decides that she wants to be the Queen and the family heads over to England.  Mr. and Mrs. Bunny seem to have a lot of arguments.  They are both very funny.  Mrs. Bunny doesn't quite get what she wants in the end, but I think they are all happy anyways.  Madeline's family gets a candy shop with a magic pop tart and they go to England as well.  Her parents don't really like to work though and it doesn't really work out the way they wanted it to.  

Sometimes the bunnies tell the story and sometimes you hear from Madeline's family.  It is interesting how it switches back and forth.  


     I really liked this book!  My mom and I read it together before bed and we thought there were a lot of funny parts.  It was a little confusing at first before we figured out all of the characters in the book.  My favorite character in the story was Mr. Bunny because of his stories.  I also loved that JK Rowling was a surprise guest in the book.  I just watched Harry Potter this summer. 

     I like how Madeline’s parents end up understanding why she wants to go to college.  My parents talk about college all the time so it was funny that they didn’t see why she would want to go!  In the end, Madeline’s dreams do come true…with some help from her friends.  There was a good ending for everyone. 

     It was cool that the setting took place in England since my Mom lived there for a few years.  She showed me some pictures from there and we looked at Google for some more too.  I wondered what the real Queen looks like and she is very old but I like her hats.  I want to go to England someday! Being on a cruise sounds pretty fun too. 

     I have not read the first Mr. and Mrs. Bunny book but I am interested in checking it out since I liked this one so much.  I wonder if there will be another book in this series?  I bet there will be.  And I hope so!

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