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Lola Rabbit loves traveling with the carnival as The Amazing Lola. One day after a hop to the park, Lola arrives back home to find that the carnival has moved on - without her! The worst part is her best friend, Buddy the dog, is gone too. Seemingly fun at first, living on her own in a big city is actually a bit scary for Lola. After many days and nights of running from cars, searching for food, and finding new places to sleep, Lola realizes her new-found dream: to find her forever home and Buddy. When Lola meets a little girl and her family, she’s in for a treat and may even have the greatest surprise waiting for her.



Lola’s Amazing Journey Home is a lighthearted story about a rabbit who is left behind by the carnival. Bold and colorful illustrations help tell Lola’s story of loneliness and finding new joy. Illustrations spotlight the select characters that appear in the story by always keeping them in the foreground. The story is simple and fast-paced, making it a great book for young children to read. Narrated by Lola herself, the book is uniquely written in the second person point of view. Portraying concise messages about friendship and following your dreams, Lola’s Amazing Journey Home is sure to capture the hearts of its youngest readers.

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