Nancy Myers


     When Nancy was a young child, she enjoyed writing and sharing stories.  At the age of six, she wrote her first story about a boy named Billy who dreamed of having his own pony and how his dream came true.  She proudly read that story to her first-grade class.  Fifty-plus years later, Nancy has fulfilled her dream of becoming a published author.  She is honored to have the opportunity to share her first published book, What about the Creek Walker Monster? with many wonderful people.
     In this book, Nancy includes a combination of entertainment and simple reasoning to engage the reader.  She also includes a touch of realism that is very dear to her.  The picture of the special-needs dog, Spot, wearing the prosthesis is modeled after her own four-legged, three-pawed dog.  The book What about the Creek Walker Monster? was a pleasure for Nancy to write, ands she hopes that everyone who reads the story enjoys it as much as she enjoyed writing it.


Nancy  Myers