Lola's Amazing Journey Home
Lola's Amazing Journey Home

Lola's Amazing Journey Home is the story of a special rabbit, named Lola, whose greatest joy is playing tunes on her bell while greeting guests at a traveling carnival. One day, Lola becomes separated from the carnival. Relying on courage, luck and friendly advice, Lola begins her amazing journey home and discovers that dreams do come true.

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  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Lola Rabbit loves traveling with the carnival as The Amazing Lola. One day after a hop to the park, Lola arrives back home to find that the carnival has moved on - without her! The worst part is her best friend, Buddy the dog, is gone too. Seemingly fun at first, living on her own in a big city is actually a bit scary for Lola. After many days and nights of running from cars, searching for food, and finding new places to sleep, Lola realizes her new-found dream: to find her forever home and Buddy.

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