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After her mother dies, American Katie Greene is shipped off to Japan to live with her aunt. Getting thrown into another country is hard, especially when you don’t know the language or customs. Katie struggles to blend in, and when a senior boy decides to challenge her, it doesn’t get any better. She gets pulled rapidly into the dark side of Japan, where mobs and gods are at war. Katie, who just wants to become invisible, must pick a side and fight, for she is more important in this battle than anyone can know.


               The first thing I saw when reading the summary is “Mother dies, goes to live with aunt”. There are so many books out now that have this theme; it’s kind of old. In this book, though, it worked. It isn’t a big part of the story and the main character thankfully doesn’t cry over it the whole book.

                I really liked the twist this book took. It’s set in Japan, which is cool because that’s unusual, and it tells about Japanese life. The glossary in the back of this book may look menacing, but you can read this book without knowing any of the Japanese words. The culture in this book is also purely Japanese. The main character doesn’t hold onto her American life, instead she dives into the Japanese culture.

                Many are familiar with the Greek gods, but when you open this book you get an all new experience. The author brings all new cards to the table; Japanese gods. I’m not going to spoil this book for you, but I must say it was refreshing. This book was like none I’ve read before.

                And for the romance, it was another “young love” couple. This “young love” isn’t that cliché, though. It was realistic and the two characters seemed to really work together. The main character isn’t extremely insecure, which a lot of girls in teen books seem to be. It might have been “young love”, but they really didn’t have a chance to ever throw their lives away for each other, another thumbs up.

                For those of you who are sick of the same story lines in every book nowadays, this is a good change. Any paranormal fans sick of “vampire love”? You should read this. This story kept me turning pages (not to mention the little animation in the corner of the pages) and was a refreshing book to read.

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This book has mention of gangs and has a few fighting scenes.




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