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I Hate Oatmeal starts off with a little boy named Timmy coming into the kitchen ready for breakfast. When he gets there, he sees oatmeal but he hates oatmeal! Timmy was served oatmeal every day by his mom, but he refuses to eat a bite now. Then Timmy sees that his mom gives the oatmeal to the ducks and they love it, so he decides to try a bite. Timmy tries the oatmeal and turns out that he loves it. Timmy finds that he actually tried something new and he liked it.



I Hate Oatmeal was a great picture book with an important message that younger readers can learn from. The message is to always try something before claiming a dislike of it. I can relate to this picture book because I am also a picky-eater. I think that younger readers will enjoy reading this and will learn something valuable from it. The illustrations captured the scenes very well and made it feel more real. Overall, this was an awesome picture book that parents and children alike would enjoy because of the fun and teachable moments that this book held. There were a few points in the book that seemed very unrealistic such as the mom still serving oatmeal to the little boy, while on more realistic terms the mom would say something about his pickiness. I think that parents would love their children to read this book if they are picky-eaters, so they can learn to try new things. I would rate this book 4 of 5 stars because of the unrealistic parts of the story, but this is perfect for younger readers.

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