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Cassie and her best friend Donovan have always dreamed of filming their horror own film. Maybe it's the fact that they both love horror movies or that they grew up in LA. Either way, they are both thrilled when they discover that they can make a horror short film as their graduation project based on some of their favorite horror movies. Cassie is excited after they film their first kill. Everything is going great, and with the whole class helping out, the film is looking awesome. That is until she gets home and her father tells her about a murder that occurred the night that very night, a murder that looks exactly like the one that they filmed. Cassie tries to convince herself it is just coincidence, but when more murders follow, looking exactly like the ones she and Donovan wrote in their script, she knows something is wrong. Cassie hasn't shared the script with anyone outside their filming crew. Is someone spying on them while they are filming? Or is someone from her very own filming crew the murderer? And more importantly, why are they doing this?


Overall, I loved reading this book. While I love reading horror books, I find that I get scared very easily. This book did a great job of balancing the exhilarating and scary parts of being a horror story while also not being too scary. Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the mystery element of it. I liked how we learned clues along with Cassie and Donovan and got to try and solve the mystery alongside them. There was also a huge twist at the end of the book, and the author did an amazing job of executing this. Once I read the twist, a lot of things from the book fell into place. Additionally, I really liked how this book was so fast-paced, and there was never a dull moment in it. Lastly, I enjoyed how the book took place mostly from Cassie's perspective, but occasionally switched to other characters such as Donovan so we could see their perspective about what was happening as well. Overall, I highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys thriller/horror books full of mystery and suspense.

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