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Interested in a career in the medical field? Unsure what path to take? Are there too many options and too many unknowns? Don’t fret! Pick up a copy of Healthcare Heroes: The Medical Careers Guide and quickly learn all the facts and figures of 28 different careers within the medical field! This guide is jam-packed with up-to-date information provided by professionals in each individual field of medicine.

This guide dives into careers from pharmacy technician and dental hygienist to music therapist to a physician for people and veterinarian for animals! Each chapter takes an insider look into each individual career. This includes a first person point-of-view from an individual in that particular field; including why they chose this career and why they love it. Each section also gives important facts within the career, including: amount of required schooling, any licensing, possible income ranges, specialties you can pursue, additional education options, and future outlooks for the career. Lastly, each section concludes with additional links for the reader to explore and discover more in-depth information!



As the daughter and sister of nurses, I found this guide amazing! All I could think the whole time I was reading was how awesome this guide would be in the hands of a high school or college guidance counselor. It is such an easy guide to use and quickly and efficiently readers are able to discover all the information they need for any medically-related career they wish to pursue. I also really loved that this guide included careers like veterinarian, art therapist, social worker, and medical writer; so many don’t realize how all of these careers are connected and this guide highlights that fact.

I would recommend this guide to teens ages 12 to 18 who are starting to consider careers they are interested in, and anyone older who is pursuing knowledge on any of the medical careers in this guide. I would also recommend all high school guidance counselors grab a copy of this guide to have in their office!

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