Gwen Reaper: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance revi...
Gwen Reaper: A Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Paranormal

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Scott just moved and he has already convinced himself that it’s going to be a bust. He figures that this small town won’t have a quality football team or his old friends. But,what he finds in this small North Dakota town surprises him. He finds himself with a girl friend and a whole football team for friends. Life is going good. After a few weird situations with his girl friend, he finds out that all is not ordinary in this little town.


Being a female, I enjoy female heroines, but I decided to give this book a try. Warning: This book is written for the male brain (no offence). It has numerous football scenes, which I didn’t care for, and a number of “guy thoughts”. The author also has a weird fixation with writing the song that is playing as the character does something. I don’t particularly like this quality in writing, but others might. This book is also quiet slow. There are scene that could be taken out and the author skipped scenes that could’ve been useful. I found myself clenching my jaw to finish this book.  Even though it wasn’t for me (aka the female mind), some people might like this book. The main character is a football player and most of the book is about football. For a paranormal book, it didn’t have much paranormal scenes.  The relationship in this book was fast. Scott had just moved into town and then he can’t have anyone else but Gwen. He seems fixated on her, which feels intense. Then they start dating and for most of the book they haven’t even hugged once, which is really slow. It’s a weird and not realistic relationship, in my opinion.  The “paranormal” in this book is very depressing. It’s more like a football or realistic fiction book with a hint of paranormal. The ending is also very depressing. You know how it’s going to end half way through the book.  Obviously, this book wasn’t for me, though some people might like it. It had a lot of football scene and has a non-typical football-Goth girl relationship, which was refreshing. The book is well written, but a tad slow. I wouldn’t qualify this as a paranormal book, so paranormal readers beware.

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