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The Fog of Forgetting (Five Stones Trilogy)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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The Fog of Forgetting by G. A. Morgan is a story of five children named Chase (13), Knox (12), Teddy (6), Evelyn (13), and Frankie (9). The kids meet on a strip of beach they christen “secret beach,” and their friendship is quick in coming. One day the children decide to take to sea for a picnic without their parents knowing, planning on being back before anyone notices. However, a dense fog soon overtakes their ship and they are lost. The fog renders them unconscious, and when they awake, they find themselves on an unfamiliar beach on an island unknown to them. This mysterious island is surrounded by a wall of fog, a fog that never wavers, never falters, but continues on day after day. From there the children are found by a man named Seaborne, who explains to them that they have landed on the island of Ayda. What Seaborne does not know, however, is the impact the arrival of these five children will have on the island, and how a war that has been on the brink of occurring is now closer than ever to erupting. Will the children be up to the challenge that the coming war demands, or are they too weak to face what will be thrown at them? The fate of Ayda rests in their hands.


I really enjoyed The Fog of Forgetting by G. A. Morgan. Her ability to give depth to her characters is impressive. As a reader I could connect with every character she invented and each character had qualities I liked and didn’t like, making them more realistic. Her idea is also spot on. Morgan’s combining of mind and magic is intriguing; the way each characters' daylights represent their most basic anatomy and desire. I am very excited to follow the journey of the five kids throughout the remainder of the trilogy. I find that Morgan’s writing excites me and makes me want to read more. I often found myself not getting to bed until 12:30 because I couldn’t bring myself to close the book. I would most definitely recommend this to anyone interested in fantasy or adventure; it is completely worth the read.

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The book was clean and good for all ages. The characters in the book ranged from 6-13, therefore there were no inappropriate references.




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