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by Gina Linko
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Romance

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Age at time of review - 17
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In Flutter, 17-year-old Emery Land spends all of her time in a hospital, as a team of doctors collects data from her unusual seizures. Emery  knows that she travels through time during each of these "loops," but cannot convince her doctors, or her father, that this is the case. Sick of her theory being dismissed, Emery leaves the hospital in search of the people and places she visits during her loops, hoping to find answers to her strange condition. Along the way, she meets Ash, a secretive boy who seems to know something about her abilities. Emery and Ash begin working together to understand the mysterious loops and find answers before the seizures take a larger toll on Emery's health.


Flutter had a unique, fun plot that managed to keep me in suspense and give me great amounts of detail at the same time. I loved the town of Esperanza, and the lively, welcoming inhabitants.The people and places that Emery saw along her journey were described realistically, and the connections forged between the characters deepened the story.

These connections were, for the most part, completely believable. However, Emery's father seemed to feel absolutely no compassion for his daughter. His attitude and actions throughout the book give no hint of any emotional connection to his child, which I found strange.The romantic connection between Ash and Emery was also confusing, and I didn't quite buy that they were "in love" after knowing each other for such a short time .

Overall, I loved that the plot wasn't rushed along, and that the author took the time to develop the setting and thoughts of the characters.The creative storyline distinguishes Flutter from other current teen novels, and I would recommend the book to teens who enjoy science fiction, action and romance. 

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