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Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Juvenile Fiction
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Edward, who happens to be an egg, has an adventurous personality, which leads him to try many new things. However, being an egg, he has to be careful and creative as he embarks on his adventures.  Who knows what perils could befall him when he tries to cook! Also, like anyone who tries new things, he often fails or makes mistakes, so he needs to rely on others to help him. In this story, Edward tries to cook, fish, ride a horse, and attempt other challenging activities that need bravery - and help! Join Edward in his story by both reading and adding your own illustrations as you go along!


What a creative way to write a book! Edward the Egg is a perfect bedtime storybook as it includes many short tales that are perfect in length and imagination for a child before bed (or any other time they want!). I really liked how the author left pages open in each story for the child to draw and color a picture related to what they read. Most importantly, it taught a valuable lesson of how to try new things even if it seems difficult like how a breakable, small egg could learn to drive a four-wheeler! Another lesson that was taught was the need for help and how to help others. For instance, in each story, Edward cracks and is taped together by new friends. It shows both that we all need help and that we need to help others, even those we don't know. I would highly recommend this book for any young audience or parents looking for a great bedtime storybook!

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