Book Reviews by Chelsea

Meet Starvin' Marvin, a small and friendly ghost with a problem. It seems that no matter what he eats nothing will stay in his grumbling tummy! He's on a search to find food that stays inside. What will he find that could possibly work?

Edward, who happens to be an egg, has an adventurous personality, which leads him to try many new things. However, being an egg, he has to be careful and creative as he embarks on his adventures.  Who knows what perils could befall him when he tries to cook! Also, like anyone who tries new things, he often fails or makes mistakes, so he needs to rely on others to help him. In this story, Edward tries to cook, fish, ride a horse, and attempt other challenging activities that need bravery - and help!

Roger Tarkington isn't your ordinary 12 year old boy. He spends his days traveling, time traveling that is. In school this year, Roger is faced with the problem of cheaters. After being wrongfully accused, he takes it upon himself to use his magic calendar to find out who the real culprits are. It isn't easy, however, to keep track of the current time, go back in time, and still be a regular kid! Join Roger to see if he can keep it all straight, solve the mystery, and still make it to class on time!

GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden is a book about a little girl and her grandfather gardening. They love their garden work and it shows as they take care of it through the seasons. Not only does this book show the steps taken in gardening in an colorful manner but also lists many foods to be grown and some of the insects and animals that help! Join these two expert gardeners as they show off the bounty that can be had with hard work and care!

Uh Oh Kenzo! is a picture book about a little goat named Kenzo, who keeps on making mistakes. The book takes the reader through a day of Kenzo's life when things keep going wrong at home and at school. At home, Kenzo spiills oatmeal all over his brother's favorite shirt. During art class, he tries to hid his painting but instead knocks a can of paint over, ruining his painting and his friend's. Mishaps likes like this keep happening, making Kenzo feel like he is not a good kid. He needs some help understanding that accidents happen and that it's okay!

LaLa and the Unfair Bear is a picture book about a girl named LaLa, who is friends with a boy named Dennis. Dennis comes over to play for the first time, and both children have stuffed bears. LaLa's bear is named Beary, and Dennis's bear is named Cubby. LaLa is jealous of Cubby because Cubby is bigger than Beary. Cubby can do things Beary can't do. LaLa's mom teaches LaLa about gratitude, to be appreciative, and to find worth in all that she has.