Chloe in India review by Emmaline
Chloe in India
by Kate Darnton
Age Range - 8 - 12
Genre - Educational

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Age at time of review - 9
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Chloe is a happy twelve-year-old girl until her parents decide to move to India. Chloe isn't so happy because she'll miss her best friend, Katie, and her school. At her new school, she will have to not only make new friends, but also learn Hindi, a whole new language!

On her first day, she meets a girl named Anvi, who is a popular girl. Also on her first day, she goes to art class and a boy draws a mean picture of her. Chloe throws it out the window and gets detention due to her actions. However, it doesn't end so badly, as she happens to meet another new friend named Lakshmi. Because Anvi is popular and Lakshmi is not, Chloe must decide throughout the book what to do about her friends and their differences.

When there is a dance contest that puts Chloe and Lakshmi against Anvi and her partner, Anvi is very upset at Chloe and Lakshmi and uses her parents’ high social status to threaten Laksmi. Chloe must find a way to stop Anvi and help her new friend!


The book Chloe in India is a book that deals with the struggle of popularity and friends who don't get along. It also deals with culture and comfort changes as Chloe must adjust to a new life in a new country. However, these struggles and depth of character only add to the goodness of the book – not weigh it down. I would definitely recommend this book to other girls around 10-12 years old.

Content Rating:

Content rating - some mature content

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This book is not offensive, but it deals with real struggles of girls in this situation, which can be serious and emotional.




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