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Age Range - 5 - 8
Genre - Picture book
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Age at time of review - 22
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A town called Far Away is the perfect and quaint little community of fruit, and it possess a jeweled crown desired by power hungry villains. A family of normal berries, the Larry’s in Far Away, are just like any old family, but they also protect the crown from evil villains like Dr. Winslow-the-Rechet. The story goes back in time to explain Dr. Winslow’s downfall and the Larry brothers’ victory against the villain. Dr. Winslow Rechet became mad with power and sought to destroy the entire town with his destructive machine. The brothers successfully destroyed the machine, Winslow Rechet was sent to prison, and the effects of the blast left the brothers with superpowers. Six months later, the story continues and Dr. Winslow Rechet has escaped to find the brothers on a school field trip. Will the Larry brothers defeat Winslow Rechet once and for all?!


The Cherry Larry’s vs. Poison Berry is a perfect book for young readers! The story is not only captivating, but the author includes extensive vocabulary to enhance readers’ understanding. The author also includes vivid and mesmerizing illustrations of the town and the fruity citizens to capture readers’ attention. Readers will love the Larry family and enjoy the superhero journey of the two Larry brothers on their quest to save their town from an evil villain. This picture book will not only enhance readers’ vocabulary skills, but it will also provide them with valuable lessons of determination and duty.

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Perfect for all ages.




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