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A Bridge in the Forest (The FeyTerrah Series)
Age Range - 12 and up
Genre - Adventure
Five Star Award

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A Bridge in the Forest is a book following Lily Kingman and her magical story. Lily thinks she is a normal girl living a normal life. Little does she know that her life will soon change in unimaginable ways. Lily has an elderly friend, Mrs. Rose Beth, who tells the best stories. One day, Mrs. Rose Beth tells her a story about a Ninatlee flower that blooms on the Kelyart plant. Lily promises Mrs. Rose Beth that she will go visit this “magic portal” on her camping trip, but Lily knows that all her stories are just make believe. No matter how fictional it seems, Lily made a promise to Mrs. Rose Beth, so she decides to go visit “the portal.”


On Lily's camping trip, she goes to see the portal, and to her surprise, she is transported into FeyTerrah. FeyTerrah is a magic world that is extremely similar to Earth, with the exception being that there are no machines or pollution in the air. Now thrust into an unfamiliar world, Lily must come to terms with her new reality. Elves, fairies, dragons? Those are all creatures of legend. Now with no way back home, she must follow a group of magical people that she encounters. Will she ever make it home? Will she ever want to go back home? Find out in this great book!


Marie Navarro wrote an amazing book filled with vivid descriptions and well-described characters. This just might have been one of my favorite books to read. I just couldn't stop reading it! It was a spin on the classic legends of mythical creatures that was refreshing to read. One of the parts in the book that I liked was: “Staring at her reflection, she saw a truth she wasn't prepared to deal with. Lily was frightened. The sound of the roaring ocean filled her ears, she became lightheaded, and then everything went black.”


The author did a great job with characterization. This made it difficult to really choose a favorite character. Putting that aside, I think my favorite character might have been Nicholas because he is very loyal and kind while still being somewhat mysterious. I think that ages 10 and up would love this book. If you enjoyed reading Fablehaven, you might also like reading this book.

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