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     Blindsighted by J.L. Hillam introduces us to 38-year-old Joe Wills, a Houston detective who works in the “Cold Case Squad.”  Cold cases are cases which have never been solved, and his daughter’s brutal murder over a decade before is among them.  Originally a Houston homicide detective, the loss of his daughter greatly affected him and led to a “major meltdown,” which included a transfer to the cold case squad with a slower pace and more regular hours.  

      As the story begins, Wills continues to be haunted by his daughter Ariel’s death and her killer who has never been apprehended.  His loss helps him take personal interest in other cold cases too, particularly closely empathizing with the victim’s parents.  As a top notch investigator, he is also always anxious to discover new clues and evidence that will help him reopen investigations.  

     One day, Wills receives a tip from the father of a cold case victim, Elizabeth Arlene Allen.  Elizabeth’s father discovered and purchased a macabre painting at an auction which mysteriously resembles Elizabeth’s death and the crime scene photos of her brutal murder.  Using information about the painting, Wills discovers it was painted by an unusually gifted and well-known blind artist in Atlanta.  Wills is paired up with a police psychometrist named Virginia Assyr, and the two, at first reluctantly, team up and travel to Atlanta in search of more clues.  As they investigate the unusual painting which links the blind artist to the brutal slaying of the young girl, their investigation takes unexpected twists and turns.  Frustrating the Atlanta Police Department who are also trying to investigate the crime, Wills is surprised by the cases similarities to his own daughter’s murder.  Will Wills be able to solve the mystery of the blind artist and his macabre paintings of murder victims and their crime scenes?  Will he be able to catch the killer, bringing closure to the Elizabeth’s cold case and to his own personal torment?




      The author team which makes up J.L. Hillam (a pen name) includes author Leslie Henderson and Joe A. Williams, two retired Houston Police Officers “who share a passion for storytelling.”  Together, they have crafted an engaging psycho thriller in Blindsighted.  The book captures the reader’s attention from beginning to end, not just with the story and plot but with the writing too.  The book is a unique blend of genres - macabre, paranormal, and mystery.  Intertwining these genres, JL Hillam creates a detective tale around interesting and relatable characters who also face real-life situations as they investigate the gruesome murder of a young girl.  Her murder initially seems to have no answers or leads, but the authors skillfully unravel the mystery for the reader and its interconnectedness to other crimes.  

       The writing is smooth, and the dialogue is crisp in this face-paced, paranormal mystery.   This well-written story climaxes with a suspenseful ending which has twists and unexpected encounters that made the final portion of the book difficult to put down.

     Despite needing some minor edits, the story and plot kept me very engaged and made for an easy, enjoyable read.  Although. at the end, I was still left wondering about the psychometric connection behind the macabre paintings and some of the paranormal elements behind the plot.  

    Blindsighted is for mature young adults and adults due to gruesome murder scenes and sexual references.  I would read another mystery in the future by this author team and highly recommend this one.

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Gruesome muders and murder scenes, as well as sexual references and language not appropriate for young readers.




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