Book Reviews by weeksti

Have you heard of the Switch Witch?  Neither had I before reading this book.  The switch witch is a holiday tradition that seems like a lot of fun.  Children who do not want all of the sweet treats they collect on Halloween can call on the Switch Witch and trade their yummy sweets for some healthier treats or other fun items.

In this second story of the series, Jack becomes more aware of his role as a spiritual being. Just like in book 1, Jacks learns from his spiritual guide Ugo, but this time Jack takes on the role of becoming a spiritual guide himself. First, he is introduced to his two nephews. Jack is given the task of befriending them and to stop them from falling into a life of crime. This is no easy task because Jack cannot share his secret and must act like a normal child.

Jack is a boy who lives with his two brothers and parents on a rural farm in Australia. His home life is abusive and dysfunctional. Jack and his brothers are very unhappy and downright scared of their alcoholic father. One day, Jack seeks the peace and tranquility of a valley a good distance from home.

Ayanna is the member of the African royal family, but she sure doesn't act like it! Her siblings are spoiled and self-centered. The Emperor and his wife want their children to be close and set them off on a trip to help them bond. They are sent on a trek to the Grove of 100 wishes where each will have a wish granted.