BLINDSIGHTED: The Stronger Will Survive
BLINDSIGHTED: The Stronger Will Survive
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Following an arbitrary clue in the form of a painting of a murdered teen, Houston Cold Case Detective Joe Wills journeys to Atlanta to meet the blind artist who claims to know nothing about the deceased victim. As the investigation heats up, Wills dives deeper into a web of intrigue where he encounters a suspect who seeks infamy of a different sort. As Wills closes in on the desperate person of interest, he soon realizes the murderous menace has flipped the script and set his sights on him. Now, for the veteran cop who'll go down to the blood and dust to nab an elusive killer, one thing is certain—the stronger will survive. But will he be the one to persevere?

Blindsighted is a stand-alone novel that captures the haunting illustrations of a mind's eye, forever challenging the notion of the common criminal.

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  • Mystery

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  • Adult
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Blindsighted: The Stronger Will Survive, written by J. L. Hilliam, follows the tale of a grizzled detective, Joe Wills. His daughter, Ariel, was murdered several years ago, her killer still on the streets roaming free. As Joe is demoted to working cold cases within the police department, he stumbles upon a lead in an interesting cold case. In the case of Elizabeth Allen, a murder victim, a strange painting was found in her room, one that seemed to depict Elizabeth at the exact moment of her death.

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     Blindsighted by J.L. Hillam introduces us to 38-year-old Joe Wills, a Houston detective who works in the “Cold Case Squad.”  Cold cases are cases which have never been solved, and his daughter’s brutal murder over a decade before is among them.  Originally a Houston homicide detective, the loss of his daughter greatly affected him and led to a “major meltdown,” which included a transfer to the cold case squad with a slower pace and more regular hours.  

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